Sunday, August 15, 2004

Top 5 All Time Favorite Downhills

I've done a lot of fun downhills on mountain bike rides, but until yesterday my "Top 5 All Time Favorite Downhills" list only had 2 entries. That's not to say there are a lot of other great ones, but none that warranted the all time favorites list. Yesterday's ride gave me another entry... The Braley's pond downhill, Bald Gap, was a classic. It was smooth, fast, and twisty, with a flow that was perfect - twisting down the side of the ridge on beautiful bench-cut singletrack.

So here it is, my Top 3 All-Time Favorite Downhills...

1. Brushy Hollow (Douthat State Park, VA)
2. Dowell's Draft (GW National Forest, VA)
3. Bald Gap/Braley's Pond (GW National Forest, VA)

Or maybe Bald Gap should be number 2?

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