Thursday, May 28, 2009

things not blogged

all kinds of things going on and not blogged about...

1. artomatic opens on friday (probably today since i'm writing this at 11pm). the bakers dozen portraits will be there on the 4th floor, east side of the building somewhere. if you're there, look for them. if you're there for opening night then look for me (or give me a call), we'll be there for a while.

2. bakers dozen portraits are also in issue two of

3. i'm riding the hoo-ha next weekend for team imba-more. we're raising money for IMBA, MORE, and the fountainhead project. if we average $1000 in donations per teammember we get $1000 each in matching from SRAM, so please donate here to me or one of the other team imba-more members. donations are split 50/50 between IMBA and MORE, but MORE gets 100% of the matching funds.

4. the va imba festival @ stokesville was a blast this past weekend. since we were traveling with sam, we only went down for one night. got two good rides in, braley pond with punga, and lookout by myself, though the lookout ride ended with a flat and a snapped derailleur hanger that lead to the lucky discovery of the stumpjumper's magic gear. more importantly, sam had a great time, had lots of fun with ryder and andrew, and did great camping.

5. in aid of #3 (above) we're hosting a ride and barbeque this saturday as a fundraiser. current plans are for a ride at rosaryville (fast loop at 7:30, slower lap at 8:30) followed by grilling at bike doctor waldorf at 11:30. rain plans to be announced, but we won't ride dirt this saturday if conditions are bad.

6. next spokes column will be out in the coming week.

7. heather's lavender wit tastes good, but the golden ale is kicked already. how did we get through that so quickly?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Saturday, May 02, 2009

spokes magazine...

the first installment of my run as the "singletrack" columnist in spokes magazine will be hitting the racks in bike shops everywhere soon. if you want a sneak preview, you can pull down a copy online at (pull down the may 2009 issue).