Monday, March 22, 2010

Elijah, Chasing Legends, Cupcakes, and Slot Cars

Well that turned out to be a pretty busy weekend... We started with day trip to philly on Friday to see family and do a newborn shoot for friends. We expected that it'd be a long day, but we had problems with traffic all day long and didn't end up getting home until after midnight. The trip was worth it though, and we did get a nice dinner at the Tap Room before hitting the road.

Saturday morning i was off to Georgetown to shoot stills for Gripped Films while they shot some sequences for Chasing Legends. I think I got some pretty good results. Once shooting wrapped and I got home I barely had time to clean up before we hit the road again, this time for the first of two birthday parties. The first was for one of Sam's friends, the second for Rob, one of my oldest friends. Sam's party was fun, but i think Rob's took the cake, if only because of the slot car track.

After all that excitement, we needed Sunday to unwind. Heather did an amazing amount of work in the garden while I took Sam out for a ride in the trailer and edited edited pictures while he napped. Once Heather was done in the garden I even got to sneak in a quick mountain bike ride at Fairland.

This weekend, in other places: