Tuesday, May 30, 2006

powering up reddish knob...

back from stokesville and my car is covered in a great layer of dust from the dirt roads in the GWNF... went down saturday evening and set up camp just in time to get dinner, catch up with folks and have a couple of beers. sunday i hit the road for an assault on reddish knob while heather went out for a hike with the other non-riders from our group.

reddish knob took ~58 minutes to climb from tilghman road. i spent almost all of it in my 39x25, cranking out about 300 watts (finally have my power tap mounted up)... since it's the first time doing the full 3000' climb, i guess this is my baseline PR... only 20 minutes slower than jeremiah bishop, though i don't know where he counted the "start". rather than brave the gravel road down the back on my 23c tires, i turned around and doubled back to finish off a good 3 hr/45 mile ride.

later in the afternoon heather & i took a quick spin on the dirt roads in the forest and i ended the day convoying to the other side of the forest with tommy, bunky, and mark to check on some riders who were still unaccounted for from the southern traverse ride. by the time we made it there the situation was under control. everyone was accounted for and though there was an injury that required medical assistance and an extraction from the trail the professionals were on the case.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

back, but busy...

4 days since being ok'd to ride and 3 days on the bike so far... feels good to be back and working my way out from under this cloud. no big rides so far, just getting the feel back, making sure my collarbone is ok with it... did some hill repeats last night... they were an easier version of what i was doing a couple of weeks months ago. by the last one, without thinking, i could feel myself upping the intensity and starting to watch the clock.

MORE/IMBA camping trip at stokesville this weekend... no mountain biking, but i'll be there with my road bike... anyone want to join me on a trip up reddish knob?

Friday, May 19, 2006

wish i could bike to work day...

wish i could have been out biking to work this morning, but as of my commute time this morning i still wasn't allowed to ride a bike. had a checkup from my orthopedist at lunch and the good news is that as of 1 o'clock this afternoon and i'm allowed to ride again... as long as i don't fall.

there's new bone growing and i've got almost no pain or discomfort, but there's still too much risk of re-inuring myself to think about mountain biking yet. it looks like i'll probably just be riding on the road for a while, but i'll take what i can get after 7 1/2 weeks of not riding at all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

it's starting to feel like the world is playing a practical joke on me... i just wish it'd hurry up and get to the end.

excuse me for a second while i let the curtain down for a bit and whine...

first the collarbone, then the bike, now this... last week i finally felt good enough to get to some hard workouts on the trainer, and then by the end of the week i've got a minor cough/congestion thing that stuck around through the weekend. i took it easy and did a couple of 45 zone 1 spins on the trainer instead of the workouts that were scheduled to give my body some time to recover. yesterday i felt better, so i did a proper workout and today i feel like i'm coming down with something...

it's nothing major, and in every way except for the biking, life is going really well right now, but this constant stream of frustrations and bad luck is starting to really get me down...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

on a lighter note...

looks like the team had a pretty damn good weekend at Lodi...
  • matt, mike s, and jon wheaton - 1st place sport 3-man - this was the team i'd have been on if i hadn't hurt myself. lucky for them that i did i guess, as it eliminated my annual lodi curse.
  • ricky - 1st place solo singlespeed
  • gwadz and chris redlack - 1st place duo/clydesdale
  • mike k, dt, and kent - 2nd place sport 3-man
  • evan, chris, and eric - 3rd place expert 3-man
i spent the weekend not riding up in philly... lots of walking around the city, a bit of theatre, a couple of street festivals, a couple of dive bars, a few franziskaner weisbiers, and a few old rasputins.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

IF Singlespeed Stolen

sad news folks, my IF singlespeed was stolen from the back of my car last night. I'm away from home right now, but i got a call from my housemates with the bad news this morning. my car was parked behind my house in Mount Pleasant last night and someone smashed the rear window to get the bike. it looks like thats all they took.

please keep an eye out for this bike...


Frame: Independant Fabrications Steel Deluxe Mountain Bike; Disk and V brake Mounts; Dark Red Metallic Paint w/White Panels & black, white, & gold decals; white "Joe Foley" sticker on top tube;

Fork: Fox Float F80 RLT Fork (silver, standard Decals Removed, "One Gear More Beer" & "WUSS" stickers added)

headset: chris king 1 1/8" threadless; root beer

Front Wheel: WTB Laser Disc Rim (black), Shimano XT Disc Hub (black), black spokes, specialized rockster 2.0 tire

Rear Wheel: Paul Disc Singlespeed Hub (black), WTB Laser Disc Rim (black), silver spokes, White Industries ENO Singlespeed Freewheel, Specialized Rockster 2.0 tire

Brakes: Hope Mini, lever blades replaced w/red dangerboy blades

Stem: Race Face Deus XC (black)

Handlebars: Race Face Low Riser (black)

Seatpost: Syncros (black)

Seat: WTB Rocket V Stealth (black & silver)

Chain: STAM PC-99

Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT (Octalink II)

Cranks: Shimano XT, std. chainrings removed and replaced with Spot 34t singlespeed ring and a Race Face Bash GuardChain

Tensioner: Surly Singleator

Grips: ODI Lock-On (Yeti pattern) w/Hope Grip Doctor End Plugs (red)

Seatpost Collar: Hope Quick Release (black)

Monday, May 01, 2006

greenbrier photos...

greenbrier ambc photos are up on flickr... see them here