Tuesday, May 30, 2006

powering up reddish knob...

back from stokesville and my car is covered in a great layer of dust from the dirt roads in the GWNF... went down saturday evening and set up camp just in time to get dinner, catch up with folks and have a couple of beers. sunday i hit the road for an assault on reddish knob while heather went out for a hike with the other non-riders from our group.

reddish knob took ~58 minutes to climb from tilghman road. i spent almost all of it in my 39x25, cranking out about 300 watts (finally have my power tap mounted up)... since it's the first time doing the full 3000' climb, i guess this is my baseline PR... only 20 minutes slower than jeremiah bishop, though i don't know where he counted the "start". rather than brave the gravel road down the back on my 23c tires, i turned around and doubled back to finish off a good 3 hr/45 mile ride.

later in the afternoon heather & i took a quick spin on the dirt roads in the forest and i ended the day convoying to the other side of the forest with tommy, bunky, and mark to check on some riders who were still unaccounted for from the southern traverse ride. by the time we made it there the situation was under control. everyone was accounted for and though there was an injury that required medical assistance and an extraction from the trail the professionals were on the case.

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