Thursday, August 31, 2006

cranky monkey...

took 10th at the cranky monkey this past weekend at quantico... finished with a nice sprint to take out an NCVC race that i'd been dueling with all morning. really fun course, a lot like fountainhead, but with a few less rocks and bit more flow. finished the series in 13th place despite only making it to 2 of the 4 races. given the summer i've had (on the bike) i'm happy with these results and cross season is coming so i'm pretty stoked about riding that without a full season's worth of wear and tear on my legs.

for now i'm just hoping that ernesto won't cause enough chaos to postpone the 100 on sunday. i'm not racing, but i'll be down there for the weekend, getting in a couple of rides and spending race-day running all over the course taking pictures.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


cross season is almost here...

bring on autumn... first cx practice of the year was this past weekend and i just registered for my first 2 cross races of the year: charm city (one month away on 9/24) and ed sanders (10/1). to help get you ready for the season, here are some photo highlights from last year...


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i'm on the mend from the accident a couple of weeks ago... got back on the bike this weekend and i'm feeling pretty good but i've still got some lingering pain in my ribs and back -- pretty much par for the course for bruised ribs.

the sm100 is out for this year, but i'll be heading down to stokesville for the event, either to volunteer or shoot the event. it seems like it'd make a pretty cool project to really cover the full event and try to capture the true nature of it.

i should be out at the cranky monkey next weekend at quantico and after that it's time to start getting ready for cross. actually i'm already getting ready for 'cross. there's a series for cross practices starting on saturday at tilden and i got out for a quick run tonight to start getting my knees ready for some more running.

it's time to get back on the bike (again), so who's up for a ride tommorow afternoon.?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

traffic statistic/setback...

hey folks, just a quick note to let everyone know that i got hit by a car last night as i was starting my evening ride... i won't go into details, but it looks like i was at fault. i was distracted by other cars doing stupid things (passing on the left while i was in the left lane trying to turn left) and wasn't paying attention where i should have been (up the road).

got checked out at the ER last night and it looks like i'm just a bit scraped and bruised, honestly i was pretty lucky. my team-issue bell sweep xc did it's job and now sports a pretty good crack. i was a bit worried about re-injuring my shoulder, since that's what hurt the most, but it looks like it's ok. i'll probably get an MRI to see if there's any ligament damage.

the wheels on my road bike are bent; the front topolino will probably need to be replaced completely, but the rear powertap wheel will just need to be rebuilt. i should be back on the bike in a week or so once the soreness goes down and we're sure my shoulder is ok.

(at least now i've had time now to get the wireless network set up correctly at the new apartment)