Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

cross time...

heather quite literally kicked me out of bed this morning for the first workout of the run-up to cross season. ok, maybe it was more like "nudged" out of bed, but there were feet involved and sometimes i need a pretty forceful reminder that i'll be much happier if i get out and ride. i'll probably hit the rockburn cross practice this wednesday and keep that up until the team practices start up in september.

johnson and wells
tim johnson leading todd wells @ nationals in providence, 2006

maybe planning any sort of bike racing season with our first kid looming on the horizon is just asking for trouble, but here we are, mid-august, and i've already got autumn on the brain. it was downright chilly when i got out this morning -- time to start making up for a month and a half of slacking.

the barriers
the barriers @ nationals in providence, 2006

in a slight bid to sanity i'm not going to plan on doing any double headers or any races that'll be more than an hour's drive from home, unless we're already traveling, so that pretty much rules out picking a series and trying to do every race. so it's off to midatlanticcross.info to check on the local schedules and pick out some races...

lyne bessette
lynne besette @ gloucester, 2005

9/21 - Charm City Cyclocross, Baltimore, MAC
9/28 - Ed Sander, Lilypons - MABRA
10/4 - Breast Cancer Awareness, Hagerstown - MABRA
*** 10/26 - DCCX, Washington DC - MABRA ***
11/2 - Rockburn Cross, Elkridge - MABRA
11/23 - Tacchino Cicliocross, Leesburg - MABRA
12/7 - Capital Cross Classic, Reston - MAC

barry wicks @ gloucester, 2005

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sam's Hands

These are the hands of our local dry cleaner; Sam (aka Jim Dandy). He opened his shop in 1972 and even though buisness is a little slow these days he's got no plans to stop working. He's 93 years old and not slowing down. Retire? What would i do, he says.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


ever have that feeling that you have too much stuff? and then you realize you're still buying more stuff and want even more stuff...

it's nothing we don't already know, but go watch the story of stuff for a simple breakdown of why the system is what is is and why it's broken.


time to get serious about being a more conscious consumer and cutting down on the stuff.

Sunday, August 10, 2008