Friday, January 25, 2008



(as soon to be seen at dcist exposed; march 7-15 at civilian art projects)

ok, the trip to NYC didn't really unlock the creative juices like it did last year. the trip was great, but not quite the right pace for making photographs. got word today that the picture above, from this summer, did make it in to DCist Exposed though. overall it looks like the quality of work in the show is up over last year, so i'm looking forward to it.

brewed a dubbel last night, and spent some time working on demolition in the bathroom tonight. then spent a whole load of time working on a little web project that i've come up with - a site to combine local mountain bike calendars -- -- trying to do what did for local cross calendars. pretty soon i should have a way for people to submit & edit races, but for now there's some data up there and a basic interface that lets you filter by series, state, race type, and name.

Friday, January 11, 2008


season seems stalled... it'll come though, just not here yet... weather, sickness, travel, holidays, etc all seem to be combining to keep me off the bike a little longer.

oh well... off to new york for a little getaway this weekend. getting away for a bit seems in order and seems to get the creative juices flowing. i'm taking my new sigma 30/1.4 with me, and only that. sometimes putting a limit on equipment forces you into being more creative in other ways. i already love shooting wide open so being able to open it to f/1.4 and shoot with almost no DOF and really isolating the subject should be fun.

homebrew update over here...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ah... sweet watershed.

slick rocks and wet leaves made for careful going at the shed on sunday morning... my back wheel was sliding around in wet loamy soil, slipping on rocks, leaves breaking away and moving unexpectedly. a day for finesse and balance, not a day for muscling it. conditions were surprisingly good given the temperature swings and the rain the night before, but they were bad enough to make my ailing drivetrain completely break down and leave me riding for 3 hours in the granny. time for new rings, cogs, and chain.

now i get the payback for a sweet day of riding as i'm sick at home on a freak 70 degree january day.

Friday, January 04, 2008

this weekend is looking good for riding... don't want to jinx it now but with temps in the 50s i'm hoping this weekend will be the kickoff to a great year. a little road on saturday and a little dirt on sunday i think. throw in dinner & a movie, a couple of team meetings, and a spot of paint shopping and it should be a fun, if busy, weekend.