Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ah... sweet watershed.

slick rocks and wet leaves made for careful going at the shed on sunday morning... my back wheel was sliding around in wet loamy soil, slipping on rocks, leaves breaking away and moving unexpectedly. a day for finesse and balance, not a day for muscling it. conditions were surprisingly good given the temperature swings and the rain the night before, but they were bad enough to make my ailing drivetrain completely break down and leave me riding for 3 hours in the granny. time for new rings, cogs, and chain.

now i get the payback for a sweet day of riding as i'm sick at home on a freak 70 degree january day.

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gwadzilla said...

next time let me know if you can not make it to dcmtb study hall

I can sign you in

darren will never know the difference