Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

spring sunday

first weekend of spring, first mountain bike ride of the year... i got a good lap in at rosaryville on sunday. it might not sound like much, but between sam, the weather, the house, and various weekends away it was the first time i'd been out on my mountain bike since sam was 3 weeks old.

brick row-6
st. michaels, md

my expectations were low, but i was happily surprised with how my body felt. the climbs hurt a little more than they used to, and i'm sure i was a good bit slower, but i didn't feel as bad as i'd expected to after the hiatus i've had. at least i'd been out on my road bike a couple of times to get my legs back under me.

brick row-3
with grandpa

i'd hoped to grab a couple of pictures of the ride, but when i pulled the little camera out of my bag i found it had a dead battery. oh well, next time i guess.

after the ride we drove out to the eastern shore for a lazy afternoon. a little lunch, a stroll around st. michaels, and some fun with sam. perfect.

brick row-13

Sunday, March 08, 2009

tile removal...

dad came over this weekend and helped me make a big hole in the kitchen floor.

turned out to be a bit of a messy job --why builders thought 6" of concrete was the best way to lay a tile floor in the 40's is beyond me -- but we've now got a temporary plywood floor in the footprint of old bathroom that's being added to the kitchen. it'll stay until we can get someone out to look at what will need to be done to the joists -- they were "altered" somewhat in the tile laying -- to lay a proper subfloor.

we also removed the old bathroom door frame and framed in the hole so that we can drywall up the opening, so, all-in-all it was a productive weekend.

Thursday, March 05, 2009