Wednesday, May 17, 2006

it's starting to feel like the world is playing a practical joke on me... i just wish it'd hurry up and get to the end.

excuse me for a second while i let the curtain down for a bit and whine...

first the collarbone, then the bike, now this... last week i finally felt good enough to get to some hard workouts on the trainer, and then by the end of the week i've got a minor cough/congestion thing that stuck around through the weekend. i took it easy and did a couple of 45 zone 1 spins on the trainer instead of the workouts that were scheduled to give my body some time to recover. yesterday i felt better, so i did a proper workout and today i feel like i'm coming down with something...

it's nothing major, and in every way except for the biking, life is going really well right now, but this constant stream of frustrations and bad luck is starting to really get me down...


fatmarc said...

you tapering for cross.
you are going to kill cross this year.

stay positive.


Anonymous said...


The race is long. Hang in there. Next year at this time you probably will barely remember these rough times. Ten years from now you definitely won't remember without some effort but you'll probably still be racing strong.

-Chris, MTB Lifer

Surly Rider said...

A year ago I had a really bad spell for a while, and then it all of a suden stops. It seems like you have your three strikes for a while now. With as good a guy you are, there is good Karma coming your way.

gwadzilla said...

you are on a roll
this was just a false summit
not a set back
just an illusion
part of the climb
you have had an amazing development
this is just part of that
lets get a drink while your training is not on full attack mode
jg down the block