Sunday, May 07, 2006

IF Singlespeed Stolen

sad news folks, my IF singlespeed was stolen from the back of my car last night. I'm away from home right now, but i got a call from my housemates with the bad news this morning. my car was parked behind my house in Mount Pleasant last night and someone smashed the rear window to get the bike. it looks like thats all they took.

please keep an eye out for this bike...


Frame: Independant Fabrications Steel Deluxe Mountain Bike; Disk and V brake Mounts; Dark Red Metallic Paint w/White Panels & black, white, & gold decals; white "Joe Foley" sticker on top tube;

Fork: Fox Float F80 RLT Fork (silver, standard Decals Removed, "One Gear More Beer" & "WUSS" stickers added)

headset: chris king 1 1/8" threadless; root beer

Front Wheel: WTB Laser Disc Rim (black), Shimano XT Disc Hub (black), black spokes, specialized rockster 2.0 tire

Rear Wheel: Paul Disc Singlespeed Hub (black), WTB Laser Disc Rim (black), silver spokes, White Industries ENO Singlespeed Freewheel, Specialized Rockster 2.0 tire

Brakes: Hope Mini, lever blades replaced w/red dangerboy blades

Stem: Race Face Deus XC (black)

Handlebars: Race Face Low Riser (black)

Seatpost: Syncros (black)

Seat: WTB Rocket V Stealth (black & silver)

Chain: STAM PC-99

Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT (Octalink II)

Cranks: Shimano XT, std. chainrings removed and replaced with Spot 34t singlespeed ring and a Race Face Bash GuardChain

Tensioner: Surly Singleator

Grips: ODI Lock-On (Yeti pattern) w/Hope Grip Doctor End Plugs (red)

Seatpost Collar: Hope Quick Release (black)


Rumour said...

yeah but is it faster then my western flyer 10 sppeed with tassles?

rickyd said...
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rickyd said...

First the broken clavicle, and now this? Sucks.

I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but a friend that lived in the same neighborhood had his bike stolen off the top of his car. He even got his letter of the account published in Dirt Rag.

Do you have a picture of the bike you can post? Also, you can ask around your 'hood and close by, offering a little cash to anyone that helps you. Might be good to take Gwadz with you though...

gwadzilla said...

that does suck..

last time I retrieved a stolen bike I got home and called my friend feeling like a hero

turned out it was a different one of his bikes that had been stolen

in that case I morphed pretty quickly from ROBIN HOOD to BOYZ IN THE HOOD

I will keep my eyes open

that sucks!

that bike will stand out

gwadzilla said...

a gwadzilla archive on that story

Dirty Bert said...

WOW, that sucks big time and it looks like it was a sweet lookin' bike.

good luck.

dirty bert

IF finder said...

a couple years ago..i lost my dog on 13th and Euclid. I put up signs everywhere and told all the kids in the neighborhood that they would get a free playstation if they found my dog. 5 kids brought me 5 different dogs in less than a day. My dog found his way to some hot chick's house but I found him. Anyway, try buying the services of the kids in the hood. They see everything.

gmr2048 said...

damn joe. you're having one hell of a year. sorry to hear about the IF. i posted this over on bikecentric. i like the idea of putting up flyers in the neighborhood offering free stuff for the person who finds the bike. if you want to take up a collection, say the word.

Buddy said...

That totally sucks. There is nothing worse than a thief. I hope you find your bike, and then the guy who stole it so he can be stung up in the town sqare and...

Sorry i got carried away.


random said...

joe sorry to hear about that, the guy who bought my old single had it stolen two weeks later in denver. i'm 18 miles away but if i can help, ask.


random said...

joe sorry to hear about that, the guy who bought my old single had it stolen two weeks later in denver. i'm 1800 miles away but if i can help, ask.


gwadzilla said...

renter's insurance?

as I think that it is gone
if it wasn't in the bushes
if it wasn't in the park
well, the bike is trashed by now
you would be amazed at how a mistreated bike can age in a week

chipped paint
missing a grip
the pedals?
forget the pedals... those things are
guess I should respect your mourning period

I had my mountain bike race bike stolen a decade ago
they not only took the bike from my life
they took my race bike
I did not have enough mooney for another set of SPDs
much less a new bike

bike theives are the lowest of the low

word to the dim
buying stolen goods rewards thieves
if people do not buy stolen goods
there will be less reason for the theieves to steal

supply and demand
put them out of business