Friday, May 19, 2006

wish i could bike to work day...

wish i could have been out biking to work this morning, but as of my commute time this morning i still wasn't allowed to ride a bike. had a checkup from my orthopedist at lunch and the good news is that as of 1 o'clock this afternoon and i'm allowed to ride again... as long as i don't fall.

there's new bone growing and i've got almost no pain or discomfort, but there's still too much risk of re-inuring myself to think about mountain biking yet. it looks like i'll probably just be riding on the road for a while, but i'll take what i can get after 7 1/2 weeks of not riding at all.


Surly Rider said...

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter

Anonymous said...

Doctor? You actually listen to your doctor? Go by how you feel, Joe!
The Devil on Your Shoulder
Tommy O

gwadzilla said...

hey devil-
get off his shoulder
it is healing

gwadzilla said...

take it slow
listen to your doctor
listen to your body

I know what you are going through
last year I was lucky enough to be back on the bike for bike to work day
actually it was an opening day for me
it was a return to the bike
just as new year's day was after the shoulder

the clavicle will mend
if given time it will be more strong than it was before
let it heal

I have done the clavicle before
in the scheme of injuries
it is not a bad one to have

I see racing not too far off in your summer!
but... only after you see it as well

a guy with no medical background or knowledge talking shit