Tuesday, May 09, 2006

on a lighter note...

looks like the team had a pretty damn good weekend at Lodi...
  • matt, mike s, and jon wheaton - 1st place sport 3-man - this was the team i'd have been on if i hadn't hurt myself. lucky for them that i did i guess, as it eliminated my annual lodi curse.
  • ricky - 1st place solo singlespeed
  • gwadz and chris redlack - 1st place duo/clydesdale
  • mike k, dt, and kent - 2nd place sport 3-man
  • evan, chris, and eric - 3rd place expert 3-man
i spent the weekend not riding up in philly... lots of walking around the city, a bit of theatre, a couple of street festivals, a couple of dive bars, a few franziskaner weisbiers, and a few old rasputins.

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