Wednesday, May 24, 2006

back, but busy...

4 days since being ok'd to ride and 3 days on the bike so far... feels good to be back and working my way out from under this cloud. no big rides so far, just getting the feel back, making sure my collarbone is ok with it... did some hill repeats last night... they were an easier version of what i was doing a couple of weeks months ago. by the last one, without thinking, i could feel myself upping the intensity and starting to watch the clock.

MORE/IMBA camping trip at stokesville this weekend... no mountain biking, but i'll be there with my road bike... anyone want to join me on a trip up reddish knob?


Matt Donahue said...

Glad to hear that you're back out there. Take it slow!

See you in Stokesville!

Anonymous said...

hang in there and recover well joe!

gwadzilla said...

bringing a cross bike or a road bike?
have a great ride
enjoy it
listen to your body

I need some technical work outs to get some confidence back myself

maybe gambril this weekend
if I have the time