Tuesday, August 31, 2004


took one of my old housemates up to schaeffer this evening for his 2nd mountain bike ride... he seemed to have a good time, even if he was getting off the bike a lot. we did 6 1/2 miles at a very casual pace. it's great to ride with beginners and be able to see a real difference just during the course of a ride.

dropped the tracer off at filzbuilt yesterday to get a shot pivot bearing replaced. should be able to pick it up tommorow night which will give me a couple of days to give it a last going over.

trying to decide how much food i should put in my drop bag, i should be able to do okay with the pb&j and banannas from the checkpoints, i haven't had a problem eating them during my long rides. i'll probably stash some full flasks of hammer gel in case the checkpoints are out of flavours that i like.

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Alliance2day said...

Newbie's perspective...
I have always wanted to try mountain biking and I was lucky enough to have met Joe who, in my eyes, is the foremost expert, compared to me anyways. I found a deal on a used low end Trek bike. The first time I went on a trail, I had no idea what I was doing. I managed to pop my rear tire, and slip off my chain at least twice. Since it rained six hours before I started biking, the trail was extremely muddy. I spent around an hour mountain biking until I punctured my tire and had to turn back. I walked back all the distance I rode on the bike since I was not equipped with either a spare tube or a pump.

The second time I rode a mountain bike was with Joe. At first, I struggled with the control of the bike and I knew my conditioning was not up to par and I had real problems on climbs. After a while my control got better and somehow I managed to muscle a few short climbs. At the end of the ride my lungs where burning and it felt like they where filled with sand and I felt nauseous for the first five minutes. Only after my body partially recovered did I realize how much fun I had.

I am going mountain biking again tonight, exactly a week after I went the second (truly the first time) and I am hoping to have as much fun as I had with Joe.