Sunday, August 29, 2004

1 week to go

it's 10 on sunday... by this time next sunday i'll be finished with the SM100, whether I'll finish the race or not I still don't know... BikeDC volunteer training session and ride yesterday. rode the 1st half of the ride and then broke off and rode in Rock Creek Park. ran into fellow CityBikes rider Eric Welp in the park as I was finishing my ride and we talked about training and the SM100 as we rode down through the park.

Led a casual ride at Gambrill this morning, had a good time, other than breaking a 2nd pedal in as many weeks (attempts to fix it at City Bikes later in the day just ended up breaking it beyond any hope of repair). Ran into a couple of friends who are also getting ready for the 100 up at Gambrill and at the shop.

Just about every conversation with another mountain biker these days starts with "So, are you ready for next weekend?", with the reply "as ready as i'm going to be."

On the weather front, next weekend's now looking cloudy with a chance of rain.

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