Friday, March 02, 2007

jackson hole


just back from a loooong ski weekend in jackson hole. i'd meant to upload pics & blog from there but the skiing was so good we ended up collapsing pretty early every night. we had a couple days of skiing and spent a day and a bit nosing around the town. the snow was good when we got there and just kept falling. monday was the epic day of the trip... almost a foot of new light snow overnight left everything pillowy soft.


since heather took lessons the first two days, i ended up doing the same and it turned out to be a really good idea as the instructors (especially on monday) took us to parts of the mountain that i'd never have tried or never have found: tensleep bowl, bernie's bowl, riverton bowl, thunder liftline, the cirque, moran woods, bivouac, and on and on and on... on monday it seemed more like the 3 of us in out group had a private guide to all the good powder stashes. on top of that i finally feel like i'm getting a handle on deep snow, bumps, steeps, and trees.


on our last day heather and i finally got a chance to ski together and i got to see how much progress she made. it was pretty unbeliveable, but jackson hole forces you to up your game. after having trouble on east coast blues last year she was able to make it down just about any jackson hole blue, and even tried a double blue.


beer notes: the fat tire at the mangy moose didn't taste as good as i remembered. maybe it was an old keg or dirty lines, or maybe my tastes have just moved on a bit. on the other hand, moose drool was really good and we brought back a case of it. had some good (and local) snake river brews and the hazed & infused from boulder beer was good as well.

more photos up on flickr.


Anonymous said...

A foot of fresh....lucky!

Anonymous said...

That was jj up there by the way...hey you wana go ski the weekend i am home on brake? the 10th or 11th...let me know. JJ

gwadzilla said...

snow makes skiing much easier
unless you are getting pulled by a boat

Jackson Hole sounds awesome!

I wish I could get my kids out for one for day on the slopes


Bijoy said...

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Warm Regards

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