Thursday, March 08, 2007


it's 10 to midnight and i've got to wait up to 1am to do some work stuff, so here's a braindump of some of the s*^% thats running around in my head recently...
  • a week from tomorrow we're buying a house... holy c*^@, what have we done. but once we're moved in, you're all invited over.
  • dcist exposed... the opening is tomorrow, but i keep forgetting to email the people that don't bother to check my blog. really need to get around to that. can't make it, the show is up until the 16th. from what i hear the work will be hanging on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the space.
  • weekend riding plans are in the works... GW wild ride & wilderness hearing on saturday? tradezone training race on sunday? the weather is making things difficult to predict right now
  • i need a good way to automatically sync the photos from my flickr account to my ipod. someone must have thought of this before. i've got flickrdown downloading them all and i'm going to sync them that way, but it's a pain in the ass to do it manually.
  • why does only list men's gear at like 2am mountain time. their desktop notifier taunts me all day at work... almost bought a pair of k2 apache chief powder skis the other day.
  • damn i need to ride my mountain bike... but first i need to get my mountain bike into descent riding shape.
  • photography... i'm feeling creative. i've got dcist exposed starting tommorow and the cover of spokes this month. i've got a good amount of work from the last year that i'm proud of. i've started on some signed and numbered prints to start selling. but i still feel like there's more i could be doing. i should be shooting more...
ok, thats it for now... thanks for bearing with me. 45 minutes to go.

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