Tuesday, March 06, 2007


haven't been blogging about many rides recently, because they've mostly been long road slogs that aren't that interesting or inside on the trainer (is that really even a "ride"). had a good weekend though, with 2 long back to back road rides.

saturday the weather was nice and i hit the roads with scardaville, tom, marc gwadz, and welp. i was pushing the pace with welp for the first 1/2 of the ride but on the way back in i was just managing to hang on behind marc who kept the tempo high all the way back into the city.

sunday was colder and windier and matt & i spent the day battling the winds. with a tailwind it felt like you were hardly working, but once you turned anywhere near northwest you were heading right into them and straining just to keep moving.

since eating well is an important part of trainin, after sunday's ride i cracked open a new cookbook - charlie palmers's practical guide to the new american kitchen and took a crack at some proscuitto crusted chicken (with baked parmesan polenta & chili spiced broccoli rabe). so far the cookbook seems like it's really good - each recipe is presented as part of a full meal along with wine and dessert suggestions, and the recipes are simple, yet sophisticated. the results of this first try were really good. maybe it was all the butter?

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Chris said...

Definitely the butter!
But you earned it with the road miles.