Wednesday, March 28, 2007

home improvement #2 and a ride with the goons

big weekend at the house... lots of painting done and even more prepped for. it still seems like we've got a really long way to go though. the floor guys come in tomorrow to start work refinishing the floors upstairs and the stairs. the hardwood on the first floor will have to wait until we figure out what's happening to the kitchen, and get that work done. no riding this weekend, but it was worth it for the work we got done. there's still a lot to get done pre move in (and even more after we're in) but i'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

we did hit the waba gala and auction on saturday night and had both had a good time there. we picked up a couple of things for the walls of the new house and a vintage schwinn racer for cruising around town.

monday night i hit my first snafu... when we finished with the living room paint we decided to put up all of the new switch and outlet covers. the only light switch in the living room was an older one with 2 switches in a single box. the problem is, no one makes switchplates that fit this switch layout. we've got a couple of these, where the switch has been changed out one that still has the same layout (2 switches, stacked vertically, in a single box) but the surrounds on the switch are the same size as a standard outlet, so a normal double outlet cover will work. i figured that swapping out thw switch for a new one would be a simple task... not so. this house has some funky wiring, or these new switches are doing something that i don't want them to.

caught up with the goon ride tonight, hung on well on the way down beach drive until i flatted by military road. managed to get the flat fixed in time to catch back up with the ride as they came down off ross drive and started heading back out into maryland. good hard ride, but i'm not sure how it'd have gone if i hadn't flatted and would have tried to follow them up ross drive.

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susie said...


Happened across your post and I think what your switches are called is Despard, they have a special plate - not an outlet plate, I finally found them for my place on this site:Kyle Design

Hope that helps!