Wednesday, January 31, 2007

sushi and tyranny

took a sushi making class at the P street whole foods tonight. the class was taught by kevin & kevin from genji who run the sushi counter at the store. they did a great job running the class and i had a lot of fun. no raw fish (probably not something you want a room full of amateurs working with) but we did make regular rolls, inside-out rolls, and hand rolls with.

last night we saw richard III at the shakespeare theatre... the show is part of the shakespeare in washingotn festival that's going on through june. richard III is on through march and is - in my very uninformed opinion - worth a trip.

riding, yeah i've been doing some of that, but mostly on skinny tires. i'm well into the winter regieme of trainer rides after work and long road rides at the weekend when weather permits. we'll have to see how that pans out this weekend. the weekend is looking sunny, but who know what the next couple of days will leave on the road.

i've had a photograph accepted into the DCist exposed show in march.

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