Wednesday, January 24, 2007

soups on...

something a little different last night... in honor of national soup swap day (what, you didn't know that january 23rd was national soup swap day) we went to the dc soup swap organized by margret and adrienne from the gracious bowl and hosted at the dc guesthouse last night.

here's how the swap worked: you make and freeze 6-quarts of soup in 6 1-quart containers, plus take along a couple cans of soup for charity (since foodbanks won't accept homemade soup). once everyone's there you go around the room and describe your soup and any story behind it, like it's your grandma's recipe, or your mom made it every time you were sick as a kid. once thats done you draw a random number and take turns picking a soup from the table.

we made a beef stew with poblanos, tomatillos, and potatoes that i found in cooking light one saturday around thanksgiving while heather was at work and came home with: thai lemongrass shrimp soup, curried carrot & coconut, potato melange, bolivian corn chowder, ribolitto, and a japanese root vegetable soup.

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