Monday, January 08, 2007

to blog or not to blog

every morning i roll into work and tell myself that i'm going to write up a quick blog entry on the ride/show/party/dinner/trip/or other social that featured most importantly in the day before, but then there are emails to be answered, change requests and bug reports to look at, and work to be done. before i know it's lunch time and once i'm past that point the blog entry just gets put off. i'll do it tonight, which soon becomes tommorow, and so on until what i'm doing has more in common with historical research than blogging.

i've been fighting off a cold for most of the last week, but felt great on saturdays road ride. i was surprised. had a pizza and a couple of beers with mike & tris at paradiso on saturday night.

sunday i helped heather pick out a bike to start riding to work on. she sold the cannondale she won in a raffle at a food expo and had more than enough to pick up a bianchi castro valley at city bikes. with full fenders and a front light/blinky driven off a dynamo hub it'll be a great commuter. after bike shoping and christmas tree removal we finished off the day with a trip to the studio theatre for the opening night of Neil LaBute's This Is How It Goes. Turned out to be a really good show and i'm glad we went.

I've got a DCMTB team meeting tonight at Temperance Hall, so it looks like i'm going to have to miss quiz night at McGinty's. If you're a local mountain bike racer interested in joining the team? drop me a line at captain -at- dcmtb -dot- com

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gwadzilla said...

living beats blogging any day

I blog out of compulsion
it is an addiction
not a pleasure

it can often be as bad as

wheaton has a blog too
do not have the address handy at the moment