Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Good team meeting at temperance hall monday night. there were good discussions of plans for the year to come and plenty of swag given away.

last year mike at city bikes came through for us with lots of great product for the team. early last year we gave out all of the product that we had enough for everyone on the team. City Bikes riders spent the year equipped with Bell Sweep XC helmets, Serfas Optics sunglasses (i really liked my Sikes), Serfas mini tools and pumps. and last night we gave out a lot of the rest: floor pumps and more mini pumps from serfas, tires and saddles from WTB, and computers from blackburn. everyone who was there got to have some fun picking from the bins of swag, even a couple of new members.

in the last couple of years we'd become complacent and had fallen from having lots of sponsors to just the shop, but now we're trying to diversify a bit. Metro Gutter & Home Services came on board this year and we're looking to add a couple more sponsors to the roster this year.

plans are developing for the granny gear 24 hour series. we've got 5 of us committed to the team, but only 4 need to be able to make each race. for the series your top 3 races count but we're planning on doing 4: temecula, conyers, big bear and killington. right now the team pool is me, kent baake, jonathan wheaton, matt donahue, and mike klasmeier.

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Arleigh said...

got a package today. looks sweet