Tuesday, February 06, 2007

city bikes team picture

for the first time since i've been on the team we've managed to do a real team picture. thanks to temperance hall for being understanding hosts as we once again took over their downstairs bar (and having great food & beer as usual) and our waitress for steping in and taking the picture once we had it all set up. not everyone could make it last night, but here's most (well at least half) of the team for 2007.

dcmtb/city bikes mountain bike team - take 2

here's a big thanks to our 2006 sponsors: city bikes, metro gutter & home services, bell, serfas, wtb, and blackburn for making last year great and here's hoping that this year will be even better. all of the 2006 sponsors are re-upping for 2007 and we'll be adding whole foods market - p street, pedro's, and easton, with another couple in the works but not ready to be announced.

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