Wednesday, April 19, 2006


almost a week since i broke my clavicle so i thought i'd post a little update for anyone that's interested. i'm still in a sling/split to keep my arm & shoulder imobilized most of the time. when i've got it off the range of pain free motion in my shoulder is improving, but after it's off for a while it'll start to ache, so i'll probably be stuck with this thing for a while.

obviously, i won't be going to fruita next week, as i'd been planning. i guess i could go and just hang out, but i think it would be worse to be there and not riding than to just not go at all.

spent last weekend convalescing up in philly. we managed to pull off a great easter meal for her family who came into the city on sunday. i wasn't able to help as much as i'd hoped, at times i was a liabilty, trying to do more than i could handle, but managed to bake some foccacia (filled with fresh mozzarella & basil) and dinner rolls. this was the first time heather's managed to get the family let her do a holiday meal and it all went off without a hitch (in fact i think they were impressed).

i'll still probably make a showing at the city bikes demo day at schaeffer on saturday, but i probably won't be leading any rides...

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Riverflowz said...

I know what you're going through with your broken clavicle, because I broke mine severely snowboarding-doing all that x-games stuff. I got it fixed though and am pretty much as good as new now just a few months later. I have a screw in it that held the bones in place while they mended back together. I get the screw out in 3 weeks now that I'm pretty much recovered. I went to the best doctor to get it patched up--I flew down to Duke Medical (NC) just to see him, because he's a leader in the field. You can see my pictures from when it first happened to when it got better. It can be found at , I hope this info. helps you and that your recovery is quick. If you need more info. just post to my blog and I'll respond.