Tuesday, April 25, 2006

more updates...

just realized that i haven't posted since friday's checkup... the good news is there's no bone chip, so no surgery is required. i'm still using the sling part time, but it's comfortable enough now that i can take it out to type, etc... still not enough pain-free range of motion to drive and the whole area starts to ache if i'm out of the sling for too long. i'm right handed, so being without the use of my right hand sucks... i'm trying to find a balance between comfort, convenience, and pain.

i might try setting up my road bike on the trainer tonight and see if i can find a postion that'll at least let me pedal easily for a while. actually, i think that getting the bike into the trainer will be more difficult than riding it.

hung out at the schaeffer demo day for a couple of hours on saturday, but couldn't do much except try to talk to the brave souls that came out to test bikes in the rain. heather and i stopped by the dogfish head restaurant on the way home... i tried the aprihop, which turned out to be a heartier-than-usual take on apricot flavored beer (like magic hat's number 9) and heather had a verdi verdi good which turned out to be... green. at first we thought it might be leftover from st. patricks day, but it turns out it's brewed with spirulina algae (which turns it green and adds some more protein to the beer).


gwadzilla said...

no surgery good
surgery bad
glad to hear that
avoid the knife
the knife is a last resort

good news

guess you can come over and pick up that monitor yourself

don't try and milk this thing

milk it a little

now come and get that monitor

gwadzilla said...

did I mention women love to nurture
it is their nature

let heather nurture you
in fact
keep the sling and milk it for a few weeks
months if you can
don;t whine
be strong
but milk it

Gaz said...

What Joel said!

I never knew the Dogfish Brewhouse existed - I must check it out, since I've become a fan of their tasty (if overpriced) beverages.

I WILL get to the jersey design. Promise!