Friday, April 07, 2006

friday afternoon braindump...

tom seitsema of the post has a review of Birreria Paradiso coming out this weekend... i went there a couple of weeks ago with the swill ride guys and have to say that the pizza is really good and beer selection is impressive.

speaking of the post, keep an eye out for a contribution from mike miller (mountain biker/MORE accotink liason/all around nice guy) about dremo's (article about dive bars, go to page 3 of the article online) in the sunday source. in the online version there's a shot of mike riding IN the bar, hope that makes the print edition.

tommorow's looking rainy, so sunday might be a good day to do a pre-ride of the fitness concepts AMBC course at greenbrier. not the most exciting riding, but the 99% of the place drains like a sieve. get in touch if you're interested, i'll probably head up there early sunday morning.

almost time to head home... this is a recovery day, so maybe i'll take an easy ride down to hains point.

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