Friday, April 07, 2006

burning the candle at both ends?

this has been a busy week... training is in full swing with Lodi a little over less than a month away and i've been trying to sort out technical issues for the new bloggy website for the city bikes mountain bike team. add some brewing, a team meeting, a MORE newsletter, and the general stresses of life just added up to a bit too much this week and i'm really looking forward to this weekend.

rode wakefield last night... well actually i rode 2 laps at accotink, the first at ricky-speed* then as we were coming back we ran across tommy/mike/bunky/marcus and i switched groups and rode another lap with them. food & beer & bike talk at kilroy's after the ride. nice to get 2 hours after works without lights.

* - it doesn't matter who you are, riding with ricky is always at ricky-speed, which is just a bit faster than you're comfortable with. ricky-speed feels even more pronounced when you're on a bit squishy full suspension bike and try to follow his we're-on-singlespeeds-so-lets-accelerate-up-the hill climbing style. riding a ricky-speed is highly recommended if you're training.


rickyd said...

After parting ways with you and joining the scheduled MORE ride, I rode at JoeP-speed. Talk about your all out hammerfest! I was unbelievably exhausted all day today.

DiscoCowboy said...

Yeah the filipino express, must be the adobo power. :)