Friday, April 14, 2006

a few more details

going to keep this short since i'm without the use of my right hand and that makes typing a bit slower than usual...

riding at schaeffer on wednesday i clipped a tree with my right shoulder. i stopped suddenly but didn't hit the ground. lots of pain in my shoulder so i bushwacked out to the road and rode back to the trailhead, then called and got a ride to the er. many hours later i'm diagnosed with a fractured clavicle and put in a sling to imobilize my arm & shoulder.

saw an orthopedist thursday who confirmed the diagnosis and wanted a ct scan to check on a possible bone chip. no surgery so far (if there is a chip it may need to be pinned) but i'm in this sling for at least a week, off any kind bike for several more, and mountain biking for 2-3 months.

right now i just want to be able to use my right arm...

thanks for all the comments, i'll be back soon and i'm going to try to ride trans wales this august


gwadzilla said...

just a speed bump in the road of life

you are a cyclist for life
not just for this season

you will recover before the season is up

all of this will become a memory

so far
the diagnosis sounds pretty positive

gwadzilla said...

as positive as a break may be

JB said...


What a bummer. Here's hoping for no bone chip. I hope you heal up fast. Talk to you soon,


DT said...

Take care of that shoulder and heal fast!

Buddy said...

Sorry to hear yahy dude. Stay positive and get well fast.

fatmarc said...

rest up joe.
cross starts in october. you'll be killing it again by then...

much respect

Gaz said...

Hahaha, you deserve it!!!

KIDDING - sorry to hear it Joe. As SeƱor Gwadz said, just a season. Heck, not even that - I'm sure it's not a chip, and you'll be back in the saddle within a month. Keep the faith.

Crashmore said...

We'll miss you on the trip to Fruita. Hopefully next year will work out and you can get out there with us then.

Hope you heal up quick!

rickyd said...

That totally blows! I hope you heal up sooner than later, but definitely listen to what the doc tells you to do. Don't be one of them foo's that gets so itchy for saddle time that they ride earlier than they should and screw up the healing process.

On the positive side, this gives you more time to work on the website and your portfolio ;)

Matt Donahue said...

Yeah what Ricky D. said!

AND you'll have lots of time for your lady! Now there's a good thing!

Mike Scardaville said...

Get well soon Joe. At least it sounds like you can hit the road/trainer in a few weeks, and more time for beer instead of cytomax doesn't hurt too bad!

Redlack said...

Hey! Found my way here from Gwadz's blog. Sorry to hear about the collar bone. Hope you heal up quick.

In order to keep your mind off biking, here's a favorite recipe of mine from back in my homebrew days. It's modeled after Tuppers Hop Pocket Ale.

8# Alexander's LME
.5# Crystal 17
.5# Crystal 30
.5# Munich
1oz Galena Leaf (60 min)
1oz Mt. Hood Leaf (30 min)
1oz Cascade Leaf (30 min)
.5oz Cascade Leaf (15 min)
.5oz Mt Hood Leaf (15 min)
.75oz Cascade Leaf (5 min)
.75oz Mt Hood Leaf (5 min)
1oz Mt. Hood Leaf (Dry)
1oz Cascade Leaf (Dry)
1056 American Pale ale

Surly Rider said...

Get well soon...but dont rush it.

punga! said...

I heard tonight from RickyD. Sounds like it was that section you and I mapped out last summer in the half pipe on the white loop.

Heal up and enjoy the good painkillers. Guess you'll just have to work on 12 oz curls for now. ;)

I just found out I'm gonna need surgery on my left shoulder sometime soon. At least I'll be able to pick when

Nick said...

Man broken clavicles hurt like crap - especially when your friends try and make you laugh.

I met Tomac, Giove, Palmer and Rockwell at the '96(?) World Cup at Massanutten because I was all slinged up from a similar tree hitting incident.

Heal up quick Joe.