Friday, March 10, 2006

wakefield thursday

great ride at wakefield yesterday night... made sure to get there early enough to do a lap around accotink and ended up joining tommy, mike, bunky, pete, and david for a good tour around those trails then we looped back through the parking lot at wakefield to pick up lights and join up with the MORE thursday night ride. somehow i got singled out to lead the "fast" group but i let ricky & chris get to the front and just sat in the middle of the pack. a fast pace, few stops, and bone dry trails made for a good night. towards the end, mike miller and i dropped away from the group to get a bit of a cooldown in as we were out for over 2 hours.

it's feels great to be outside, on a bike, on dirt, in shorts & a short sleeve jersey, and riding with friends...

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