Sunday, March 26, 2006

ted leo/patapsco/schaeffer

ted leo at the black cat friday night... the show was a bit up & down. the tracks i recognized were great, but there were some slow moments where the show lost it's flow, and a couple of songs just devolved into noise. overall though i'd say it was a great show and well worth the time and money.

saturday i met up by matt and did a couple hours at patapsco, rode all of the normal highlights and did a little exploring. both of us knew parts of the park and between us we were able to put together a really good ride. tried to hit the hilton downhill that we did on the ned ride, since it had a bit more flow than the other one i know, but we ended up on the other one.

sunday i went out to schaeffer and rode for a couple of hours by myself, well mostly by myself. since it's schaeffer i kept running into people i knew and riding with them for a bit. first it was a MORE group ride that jason was leading, with a lot of people in tow... punga, dave, rob, dan hudson, some people i see all the time, lots of folks i don't see that often... took a nice digger right at the start of the ride. later in my ride i came across a guy in one of the city bikes shop jerseys. he recognized me from the ned ride a couple of weeks ago and he tagged along for a bit as he didn't know where he was going. the weather was good and the trails were dry, so i've got no complaints...

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