Tuesday, March 14, 2006


it think march has a bit of a sadistic side... teasing us with a beautiful weekend like the one just past and then sending us back into the freezer the next.

saturday i hit the roads of montgomery county to get some more miles and hours in on 2 wheels. started out the ride with dietrich, then split up when he had to head back to meet contractors. i kept heading north, up past falls to sceneca rd, then looped back down river road into potomac village where i ran across pooch, susan, and mark. we rode together for the next few miles, heading back into the city on macarthur blvd.

towards the end of the ride i ran across dominic and a friend of his in the park. they were looking for a way to connect a couple bits of road and i rode with them for a while to get them where they were going. it was a great day to be out, shorts and short sleeves (with armwarmers to start out) were all that was required, the sun was shining, and my legs felt great. saturday evening we had a few friends over to the house, grilled some buffalo steaks and sat around a fire in the backyard eating, , drinking, and talking...

sunday morning i had a couple of hours free so i loaded up the mountain bike and headed a couple of miles down 95 to fountainhead. i wasn't sure how my legs would feel after saturday's ride - i'd pushed pretty hard to make sure i was getting a good workout - but it turns out they felt really good. i rode 2 full laps in 1:40 at a pace that wasn't comfortable, but wasn't a full on race pace, without any signs of cramping or bonking. i like the new singletrack that's been added to remove the old doubletrack sections and make the old "optional dead-end loop" no longer optional or dead-end.

if i was smart i would have figured out my schedule for yesterday to take adavantage of the continued good weather, but alas, i ended up spending an hour on the trainer at last night. the temps are supposed to drop down into the 50s for the rest of the week and then into the 30s on saturday. hopefully i'll be able to make it out to wakefield this thursday, but it looks like saturday's group ride in philly is going to be a chilly one.

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