Friday, March 31, 2006

holy ugly bike parts batman!

so it looks like shimano is trying to co-opt the SRAM "machined" look for 2007 xtr and they're com up with the some of the ugliest designs i've seen on anything. ever.

i'll stick with the little S for shifty bits

(the alternate title for this entry was a simpsons reference, a play on comic book guy's worst episode ever line... ugliest components ever! would you have gotten that?)


gwadzilla said...

I think it is fine for them to try to have fun with the design

I have seen the Shimano mountainbike design
never liking the style
but starting to like it by the time they come out with a new design I do not like

how is the dcmtb thing coming?

gwadzilla said...

that link was stolen from
fixed gear....
I will be back with it