Tuesday, November 23, 2004

review: the collective

a different kind of mountain bike video? after seeing a couple of reviews saying that this movie was a break from the usual loud-music, gratutitous gap-jumping freeride videos i decided to order a copy and i'm gald i did... if you know ski/snowboard movies, i'd compare this to movies from teton gravity research - really well shot and edited with a great soundtrack and a slight documentary feel...

sure, there's some freeride sillyness, but there are also really great segments of riders ripping beautiful buff singletrack and some northshore squences that are almost beyond belief... the movie was made a co-operative effort of the cinematographers, photographers, and riders, hence the name "the collective." i'm not much of a reviewer, but i'd say the only real drawback is that it's not long enough, only 45 minutes, but there is extra footage in the bonus materials, plus a behind the scenes video, and optional filmmaker commentary and music only soundtracks.

one of the collective members is mountain bike photographer-god sterling lorence, and the influence shows in throughout the film, especially in the black and white north shore segments.


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