Wednesday, November 10, 2004

another cyclocross practice

cyclocross practice out at wakefield last night... good crowd, a bunch of fast guys (and girls) and some novices... learning the "proper" dismount technique last week has set my dismounts (and confidence in them) back about a year... it's definately a faster way to get through the barriers, but it's going to take some more practice to get the timing down... had a nice fall on one of the barriers when my left foot didn't unclip... slid straight into the barrier and almost got run over by sami and melanie... still can't get the remount down without the stutter-step/hop... anyway, i've got a couple more weeks to practice before my next race... the tuesday night cyclocross practice/clinics are sponsored by MORE and The Bike Lane and run through the end of the month... details here

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