Tuesday, June 03, 2008

tick, tick, tick...

time keeps on ticking by... big bear is this weekend, so prep work for that is underway. got up to fairland on friday for a quick spin and i've got to say that austin's made a nice little trail system up there -- nothing too technical, but it flows well and you and push hard through most of it -- and having it 10 minutes from home is making it a more frequent destination.

tried to get a gambrill/shed ride in on saturday with mike, darren, and mark, but we only got the gambrill half done. near the far point of the yellow loop we started hearing ominous rumbles and figured that the best place to be in a storm wasn't on top of a ridge so we decided to bail. the rain started as we hit the road, but luckily we made it back to the cars before the heavens really opened. the rain was so hard that i could barely see the road until we got to Gaithersburg.

i got a couple of hours on the road in on sunday, but the rest of the weekend was spent getting a lot of little odds and ends tied up around the house. you know, all of those little finishing details that just get put off right at the end of the project... one last knob on the wardrobe upstairs, the light in the beer room, hanging pictures, silly little stuff like that. things that just needed to be collected up and done.

we're just about at 3 months to heather's due date and we've started on the nursery. we happened across some great furniture that was on sale last week while we were out at one of the everything baby type stores so we figure we've got to get the room painted before it arrives. luckily we've got lots of help with projects like that so it hasn't been too bad.

tonight i've got my sister and (future) brother-in-law coming over to brew some beer to give away as a favor for their wedding. last summer's brewing (and bottling) marathon for our wedding favor beer was what made me finally decide to start kegging my homebrew, but i can't escape the bottling. hopefully he'll be able to rope some friends into helping him with the bottling so i can just "supervise".

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