Monday, June 23, 2008

black & white flowers...

black and white flowers

trying hard to get some more tonality from digital black & whites. this was from the d200's in-camera black and white setting. the flowers in the garden are beckoning again, as are the leaves heather wants me to tidy up while i'm waiting for the plumber.


Anonymous said...

what a great shot!

University Place florist

gmr2048 said...

Is that straight outta the camera, or did you have to tweak it in Photoshop? If it's straight out, I'm impressed! That looks better than most camera-processed BW shots.

joe said...

this is in-camera black & white with a little tweaking (sharpening, and maybe a little brightness adjustment, i can't remember) in nikon pictureproject.

my post-processing capabilities are severly limited right now (no photoshop, and the Gimp makes my head hurt) but those should be resolved shortly.

i've been trying to get good rich midtones and deep shadows that hold some detail, but that seems to be very hard to come by. this shot has at least got the midtones down.