Monday, June 09, 2008

the one where the wheels come off...

last year we had a great run at these 24 hour events. yeah, maybe the small fields at some of the races inflated our results, but even at big bear where the field was big we were still 5th overall and 4th expert. last year we rode strong every lap, rode smart, rode consistently, had great luck, and maybe most of all had season long goal to keep us going... this year that just wasn't to be: dead batteries, a broken frame, legs just not feeling up to snuff, what else can we say?

in some ways a very disappointing weekend, but we still got out into the fresh air for the weekend, rode our bikes, and had some fun.

congrats to our fellow city bikes teams for scoring 1st in just for fun (tom, lynne, jonathan, and JJ) and 2nd in vet (marc, joel, chris, and kent). the c3 boys were rocking all weekend in expert giving the locals a run for their money.

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