Wednesday, June 11, 2008

last chance for artomatic...

this photograph isn't in artomatic, since it was shot since the show opened, but i wanted to put it here anyway

if you haven't made it down to artomatic yet, you've only got until this sunday to do so. the show closes june 15th. i've got a volunteer shift this friday so i'll be somewhere inside capital plaza I from 5 to 10. i normally try to get one of the bar spots, so check in "the bar" on 11 or one of the performance spaces/bars on the first floor.

If you're interested, my space is on the 6th floor

tulip something that heather isn't sure the name of
these and others are though; and they're all available - mounted and framed - for purchase

Capital Plaza I
1200 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002
corner of First & M streets NE

Best way to get there:
Take the Red Line to the NY Ave stop then walk a block -- you'll see where it is from the station.

Wed, Thu: 5pm-10pm
Fri, Sat: noon-2am
Sun: noon-10pm


gmr2048 said...

Spearman and I are meeting at Paradiso for beers this evening (Wednesday. 6pm, I think) then biking over to Artomatic. If you're free, come along!

joe said...

we're going to see modest mouse/rem at merriweather tonight. have fun though.

make sure you get ready at paradiso because there may be no beer available at tonight... i volunteered on wednesday two weeks ago and it was water & soda only at the bar.

never figured out if it was because they didn't get a permit for wednesdays (pretty quiet, may have lost money on it) or there just wasn't an ABC licensed bar manager on duty.