Monday, January 23, 2006


wandered around midtown and up to central park, hung out with steve & dave in brooklyn, had pizza at grimaldi's by the brooklyn bridge, got entranced by a video installation at MoMA, shot 6 rolls of black and white film, walked around times square with heather, paid too much for breakfast, drank, ate... up at 4 this morning to catch a 5:30 train back from new york to take the metro straight to work.

pics will take a few days to make it up on to the website, seeing as they're on that old-fashioned film stuff... picked up some b&w developer and fixer so that i can process this weekend's film myself... haven't done that in years.

i'm still suffering a bit from this cold and cough, but i managed an hour on the trainer this evening with some good LT intervals... walking around new york city in the cold yesterday didn't help matters, and i've developed an addiction to ricola throat lozenges.

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