Thursday, January 12, 2006

nikon is gutting it's line of film cameras to concentrate on digital - only the F6 & FM10 will remain in production. getting rid of the p&s film cameras and amateur level (N-series) SLRs makes sense given the shift in the market to digital, but i'd have thought it would have been better to keep the FM3 going instead of the cheap-o FM10.


gmr2048 said...

i wish canon would make a full-manual EOS camera. (if they do...i can't find it). that would be a cool backup for the digital (not that i need a backup right now...i'm just day).

joe said...

yeah, i'm not sure when they actually discontinued them, but they basically gave up on manual cameras years ago when they switched lens mounts for the EOS series... IMHO the old "F-1" was a sad pretender the the Nikon F Series.

at least nikon is keeping the F6 (which can use just about every nikon F-mount lens ever made)