Wednesday, May 16, 2007


a couple of weeks ago i had to bail out of the 24 hour team for conyers... family conflicts came up, but we managed to get a really strong team together to head down to georgia this weekend: mike will be leading the team again, with kent, steve, and jonathan rounding out the crew. here's hoping they ride strong and have some good luck.

the expected family activities in dc ended up mostly vanishing and some celebrations popped up in philly so we're headed up to the city of brotherly love this weekend and it looks like i'll get a race in this weekend. i'm registered for expert at granogue right now, and even though it's looking like there's a chance of rain this weekend i'm still looking forward to it. of course i'm second guessing my bike and tire choice... assuming dry weather i was going to ride the epic with larsen TTs, but now bigger tires seem like they might be a better idea.

i've been hitting the mountain bike hard recently... lots of riding, lots of fun, feeling good. my brother's home from school for a couple weeks before heading down to florida and then on vacation so i got in a ride with him yesterday and we're going to try and ride again tommorow, and heather's been riding a bit to get ready for the IMBA festival at stokesville and she's getting a lot more confident. all kinds of rides recently... easy sunday at avalon w/heather, jason, and maili, alone a schaeffer on sunday pushing at race pace, an fun and fast ride w/jj at wakefield.

the imba festival is in a week and a half, then big bear 2 weeks later... good times just waiting to be had.

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