Monday, May 07, 2007


salamander rock; 3rd attempt

jason tries the new subterranean line at salamander rock with unfavorable results

recently i've been looking for a better balance... a balance between racing and riding. too much racing and i miss just riding, but not enough racing and i miss that.

last year i hurt myself (broken collarbone) coming into race season and went straight from training on the road to racing in the middle of the summer. this year i spent time that i would have normally spent doing some mountain biking to get ready for the race season buying and moving into a new house. before the 24 hours of vail lake i'd trained a lot on the road, but only been out for a mountain bike ride a handful of times.

i enjoy racing... when i started racing a couple of years ago i found a competitve streak that i never knew i had. it's made me challenge myself more (mentally and physically) than anything i've ever done and it got me into shape.

sometimes, though, you just want to get out into the backcountry and ride all day, down little twisty trails with friends.

this past weekend (and this week) riding won. i rode with tommy, mike, bunky, and the rest of that crew at avalon on saturday, then with stoner up at the watershed on sunday. one of the best weekends i've had on a bike in a while. yesterday i got up to schaeffer after work and rode around for an hour and half... chased some people, pushed hard in the turns, had a blast.

i think i'm going to race the marathon (4hr) at granogue next weekend, then we've got the VA IMBA festival in stokesville the weekend after. after that there are friends coming into town and then the 24 hours of big bear.

ride, race, ride, race... the balance is coming.

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