Wednesday, May 30, 2007

if it's memorial day, it must be stokesville...

another great memorial day weekend down at stokesville. rolled down early with jason and then led a (thankfully) small group around a dowell's draft/braley pond figure 8. mostly folks i knew, but i got to ride with liz, of ride like a girl fame, and blacknell. i've said it here before, but dowell's and braley are two of my favorite rides anywhere, and doing both in one day is always fun.

saturday night was the potluck and campfire. heather picked out some good beers at work (including breckenridge small-batch double hopped IPA, stone ruination IPA) and between those, a tasty IPA from shenadoah brewing company, and tequila at Joe Penano's campsite, we were in a very festive mood saturday night.

sunday matt, jamie, and i set out with camps, buchness, and junkins and a couple of other riders for a turn up lyne trail and down wolf ridge. the ride up lyne is one of the hardest climbs in the forest, and never fun. i was able to clean about as much as i ever can, but is wasn't disappointed.

after finishing the wolf ridge downhill matt, jamie, and i split off from the group - which was heading up narrowback to check out some new trails - with lou and rose and headed back to the campground. on the way back in we passed heather so i hung a 180 and we rode around the dirt roads a bit and then made our way back.

the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and rehydrating and playing around a bit in the skills park that dan and rich from IMBA set up. i tried a couple of the skinnies and drops, and the teeter toter.

monday morning after breakfast we broke camp and hit the road, stopping in gainesville to see mitch and amy and pick up a chair we were buying from their store.

overall i felt like i was climbing well and riding ok on the downhills. the new bike was right at home on these trails. the tires felt a little overweight at times (kenda negeval 2.35s) for rides with this much climbing, but made up for it on the downhills.

i guess i'll always be comparing my riding to two years ago, since that was kind of a breakout year for me. i'm not sure where i compare. i don't 'feel' as fast (going up or down) but then memories are always better than the real thing, so it's hard to really compare. i'm still having just as much fun though.


Anonymous said...

Been waiting for you to comment on the Nevegal 2.3s. I too believe they are too heavy, and went back to the old faithful Moto 2.4/2.24 setup on my bikes. - Tommy

joe said...

love the tread though... i think a slightly lighter, but generously sized 2.2 would be just right in this tread.

riderx said...

"i'm still having just as much fun though."

That's all that matters!

As far as the Nevegal 2.35s, I love them. I first ran the Sticky compound which is great for climbing sketchy stuff but a slow roller elsewhere. I've since switched to the DTC and don't notice any lose in climbing but they roll much faster. I used to run the Moto 2.4's on both ends but have switched to these for good. Both tires weigh about the same but the Kenda wins in the traction/performance dept.

joe said...

yeah, i'm not ditching the negevals any time soon...