Friday, December 01, 2006

starting grid

the cross natz rider list is up and thanks to my late decision to go up it looks like i'll be starting somwhere around 97th in a field of 105 in the 30-34 race...


gwadzilla said...


I have been starting at the back of the pack in all the cross races I have attended this year

at the Tacchino race in leesburg I rode the final laps at the pace of the number four racer who lapped me
sure he was dying...
but it sort of says something about after lap one things sort of settle in
and it is tough to make a difference after that

very much like the hole shot in a mountain bike race
but worse

Anonymous said...

The start road is wide and pretty long.
The course is long and pretty wide.
You can move up for sure.
Look at it this way: You have nothing but upside! 8-)
Get a good warm-up and give'r. there will be room to move up.

In any event it'll be a really fun experience.