Monday, December 04, 2006

quick trip up to philly this weekend to pick up heather's ring. drove up friday night, hung out at the south philly taproom with friends. saturday morning we went over to halloween to pick up the ring. brunch, then a quick stop by mew gallery so that heather could drop off more cards and we could inevitably buy more art for our aparment and we had to get back on the road to get back here for a holiday party.

sunday was the capital cross classic... raced the Bs, finished 30th of 46, wasn't unhappy with how i raced. after the race we had a late lunch at pizzeria paradiso and found a rather tasty beer -- 'la gnomette', a hoppy belgian IPA that's the product of a colaboration of brooklyn brewery and brasserie d'achouffe. ended the night with tenacious D at the patriot center. it was a decent show, but the crowd was awful. i saw them a few years ago a the 9:30 and that was a much better show.

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