Tuesday, December 19, 2006

cyclocross nationals

summerhill runup

finally back online after a long weekend trip to providence for cross nationals and philly for a christmas party and wedding planning...

the barriers

the 30-34 race on friday was fun. the course was great, but the field was really fast. MAC elite racer ryan leech took the win and i ended up 67th of around 70 finishers. i started at the back and stayed there for the whole race. i had some bike issues (losing pressure in my back tire), but my marc was able to get me a spare bike (his) and then swap out my rear wheel and i was back on my bike in a 1/2 lap.

johnson and wells

saturday i took pictures of the u19, u23, and elite races. i've posted a very edited set on flickr, probably more to come later, but that will depend on how much time i have this week.


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gwadzilla said...


a big fast field

that is why I stayed home