Thursday, September 22, 2005


went to wakefield tonight

rode the singlespeed

something was missing

not sure what it was, but something just didn't feel right tonight. my legs just didn't have it together. i wouldn't say i was tired or feeling blown up, but i just had no power, and technically i was just a little off... i wasn't making it up little climbs that i normally clean. might have been the riding this weekend at douthat or the running or maybe i overdid it a bit on the commute into work yesterday. maybe i'm just coming down from the peak that i hit for the sm100.

i was thinking about doing a 'cross race on sunday, but i think i'll skip it and just ride. haven't done more than look at the bike in the workstand and i need some serious practice on my dismounts before i race so that i don't embarass myself. looks like the start of my cyclocross season will be the october 8th hagerstown race.


Chris said...


race sunday in baltimore
awesome course
it'll be fun

joe said...

saw some writeups & pics from the race, looks like it was a good time... now that it's starting to feel like fall i'm starting getting into a cyclocross mindset. bummed that i'm going to be out of town next weekend and miss the lilypons race... time to take the gunnar down into the park and whip my dismounts back into shape.